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To what you ask?  My first official Trail Race of the season!!   This summer I have decided to do something a little different for physical activity.

Trail Running differs from jogging along the side of a road.  When jogging you can get into the “zone” and keep chugging away step after step as your mind wanders.  Trail running requires more mental alertness.  There are natural hazards such as sticks and stones (which could actually break a bone if you accidentally trip on one).   Rain can make a course muddy and slippery, adding to the risk.  Needless to say, proper footwear is critical.

This weekend I will be wearing a new pair of New Balance Trail Runners.  These shoes were generously donated by my favourite local shoe store Becker’s Shoes.  (The staff there has always been great with fitting me, my family and my patients with comfortable shoes).

Over the past week I have been “testing” these shoes.  I have worn them for several HARD 1-hour boot camp-style cardio workouts.  I am pleased with the fit and support they offer; and my custom orthotics work well with these shoes.  The last test is to do one good run before race day, to ensure that I do not develop any blisters.

Check back again soon to see how my shoes and I faired with the running.