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7 Things You Should Know About the Swift Microwave Treatment for Warts

Swift microwave energy is a breakthrough treatment to get rid of plantar warts and common warts of the hands. Below are some key benefits of the treatment and how the unit produces such great results.

1.  Microwave energy is delivered through a specialized probe, which generates heat in the tissues to kill the wart tissue. This stimulates your own immune system to kick in to help fight off the wart.

2.  Most warts (76%) resolve in 1-3 treatments, but this can be affected by the length of time you have had the wart and how large it is.

3.  Treatments are spaced 4 weeks apart. It is not necessary to come into the clinic every week, which is common practice for traditional wart treatments, so you don’t have to continually miss work or school.

4.  As with several treatments for skin lesions, you will experience some discomfort during the treatment, but it only lasts 2 seconds at a time. The discomfort quickly goes away.

5.  You can walk on your foot immediately after the treatment is completed and return to your normal activities. Usually there is no blistering, but it is possible in rare cases.

6.  It is not necessary to apply messy cream and tape at home between your visits, which makes it super convenient for you.

7.  Swift is safe to use on people of all ages, except those who are pregnant or nursing.

The benefits of this new treatment are many. If you think you may have a plantar wart, or if you have been trying unsuccessfully to rid yourself of a wart, call our Collingwood foot clinic today at (705) 444-9929.