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SneakerHave you ever looked down and realized that your socks don’t match?  How we “dress” our feet is often the least of our concerns in the morning rush to work and school.  However, this hurried approach to footwear can result in heel pain, and other foot conditions.  Mismatched socks don’t cause any harm, but shoes that are worn out, or ill fitting can create pain in the heel that will be impact your whole day.

Some heel pain is caused by the mechanics of the foot being out-of-sync.  Plantar fasciitis occurs when the tissue that goes from your heel to your toes on the bottom of your foot is stressed.  This can occur when your ankles turn in when you walk.  Another condition, sometimes referred to as “heel pain syndrome,” develops when the heel is affected by constant impact.  Worn out shoes or shoes that don’t fit well factor into this strain, and aggravate an already painful problem.

How do you assess your shoe situation?  First, give your shoes a test.  If you can bend a shoe in half, it should go in the trash.  The only place your foot bends is at the toes, and shoes with enough support to protect your feet will only bend there as well.

Next, consider the amount of cushion in your shoes.  Impact absorption is particularly important in preventing heel pain.  Consider custom orthotics to insure that your shoes are both supportive and shock absorbent.  Also, don’t forego shoes; your feet need their protection during the healing process.

Finally, do your shoes fit well?  How long has it been since your feet were measured?  As we age, our feet expand.  Shoes that are the wrong size, whether too big or too small will have a negative impact on your foot health.

Tired of heel pain?  Chiropodist Tony Abbott can help you discover the cause of your pain, and provide a treatment plan that resolves this common issue.  Call Abbott Foot and Ankle Clinic at (705) 444-9929, or visit an appointment online.  

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