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No one likes it when his or her feet hurt—still, we all know what it’s like. You come to the end of a long day, and all you want to do is relax. But can you? Not so well when your feet are aching from all of the standing, walking, high-heeled shoeing or running around you’ve been doing since you got out of bed. Sometimes, the pain has been provoked, ie. Shopping all day in four inch heels, but a lot of the time, our feet hurt after the regular exercise, work and play that fills up the day.


So what can be done to reduce and/or eliminate foot pain in our lives? For starters, the shoes we wear obviously play a huge role. If you live your life in flip flops, you’ll likely be flip flopping your way to our office at some point—thin, itty bitty sandals just don’t provide the support or safety that your foot needs long term. Lacking arch support, a flip-flop can cause your muscles to work overtime in a challenging way. If you’re a high heel regular, you might want to consider at least mixing your footwear options to give your feet (and heels!) a much needed break every few days. High heels put a lot more weighed pressure on your heels and the balls of your feet than a flat-footed shoe with good arch support will.


Next up? How about a self-pedicure? You can tend to your nails, cuticles and problem spots with a good foot soak, followed by a toenail trim, attention to any blisters or calluses, removal of dry/dead skin with a pumice stone, a nail-friendly polish (ladiesJ) and a moisturizing mini-massage. Apply lotion to your feet liberally if they’re dry—especially in warmer months when your feet are most likely to be exposed to outside air.


With just a little extra TLC, You can have soft, healthy, happy feet all year round. It’s important to make them a priority, even if it’s only for a few minutes a day—especially because they carry you everywhere you go!