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OrthoticsTo put it simply, orthotics are custom foot supports. They are usually worn inside the shoe and are designed to provide the arches of your feet with extra stability and support. They can also correct problems with the alignment of your feet. Although everyone may have a different reason for wearing orthotics, there are three very common situations in which we prescribe them here at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic.

1.Chronic Foot Pain- There are many common foot issues which can affect whether you experience discomfort in your feet. Once we have ruled out any serious issues that could be causing you to endure chronic pain in your feet, we may recommend orthotics to remove stress and pressure from sensitive areas.

2.Fallen Arches- Keep in mind that orthotics cannot be used to correct a fallen arch. However, they can be used to reposition the structure of the foot, improve biomechanical function, and reduce chance of injury among those who have flat feet.

Extended Standing is Required- If you stand for extended periods of time, the muscles in your feet will start to fatigue. While it is important to rest your feet as much as possible, wearing orthotics can provide your feet with needed support to reduce muscle fatigue as much as possible.