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Spring is right around the corner, and maybe you are planning a vacation someplace warm or tropical with a beach or ocean nearby. Not only can an upcoming spring vacation change your scenery from the dreary winter months, but it can also change your running routine as well. If you’re headed down south for a vacation, beach running can be very beneficial not only for a great cardio work out, but for a great ocean side view.

However, since running on sand may be different territory than what your normal running routine looks like; there are simple tips to take into consideration in order to keep your feet safe when you hit the beach.

  • Check the tide. Low tide is the most ideal for beach running as it creates a level surface with hard, compacted sand yet has a soft feel underfoot. Try to run at the lowest tide of the day. Running at high tide can be more of a challenging work out as it leaves you with dry and soft sand where you may run the risk of ankle sprains or foot fractures due to the uneven surface.
  • Slow your pace. Beach running isn’t the same as your typical treadmill or pavement, so don’t expect your running pace to be the same. Keep yourself at a safe pace as overdoing it can cause foot pain, foot fractures, and other foot problems to occur.
  • Wear proper footwear. If you plan on doing a lot of beach running, consider running shoes that have tight mesh. The closed mesh will help prevent your shoes from filling up with sand while you’re running. Since a little bit of sand is inevitable to prevent getting inside your shoe, be sure to wear socks that can help prevent blisters from occurring such as synthetic options.

Taking a daily run on the beach can be a very beneficial work out to incorporate into your relaxing vacation. Follow these helpful tips to keep your feet safe and you won’t regret running with an incredible view.

Do you have a beach workout routine while on vacation? Do you have tips that you use to ensure safety? Please share by commenting below; we would love to hear from you!