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Walking ShoesHey guys, grab your favorite stilettos: it’s time to Walk a Mile in Her Shoes! That’s right—men from the surrounding area will don a pair of high-heels for a great cause. Started over twelve years ago by a group of men wanting to raise awareness about sexual crimes against women, this walk is now held around the world. In Collingwood, ON, funds raised at the October 5, 2013 event will benefit My Friends House. Lodging, counseling, and community awareness are offered through this local resource that works to “reduce the occurrence of domestic violence…”

Men who participate may wonder what to expect from this experience. After all, high-heels are typically reserved for women. Foot pain is often the result of wearing this type of footwear. A narrow toe box combined with excess pressure on the forefoot can result in many common foot conditions including metatarsalgia, corns, and Morton’s neuroma. Even if you’re only walking a mile, the discomfort can be intense.

First, participants should find shoes that fit. Don’t be tempted to wear a pair that is three sizes too small—you will regret it later. Next, some men who complete the walk choose to wear socks. This may prevent blisters, but problems could arise if it makes the footwear too tight. Finally, go out and have fun while raising awareness of one of today’s most serious issues—violence against women.

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