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Common Sport Injuries

Soccer can result in many types of lower extremity injuries. Many of these are the result of improperly fitting soccer cleats. In general, cleats are narrow and offer little arch support. More Info..

Soccer Injuries

Unlike foot and ankle injuries in tennis and running, which are usually overuse injuries, soccer injuries often result from trauma such as a direct blow to the lower leg. Because soccer is a contact sport, collision injuries from striking another player are common, accounting for 30 percent of all soccer injuries. More Info..

Manual Foot Therapy… How can it help you?

The aim of manual foot therapy is to restore natural function, release joint tension, and stop muscle strain. This is achieved by manipulating the joints through a series of gentle movements past the abnormal pathologic barrier, but not beyond its normal range of motion. More Info..

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is currently the choice of treatment for various conditions in many medical fields. This is certainly true for professional foot care clinics. More Info..