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Orthotics in The Blue Mountains, ON


Our patients in The Blue Mountains area can make a step in the right direction toward foot health with our custom orthotics. Many stores in The Blue Mountains, Ontario area...
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MLS Laser Therapy

Speed up healing and recovery with non-invasive MLS Laser Therapy. Pain is the body’s way of warning us that something is amiss, and in addition to pain, we also might...
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Plantar Warts in Owen Sound, Ontario

Plantar Warts

Let our experts gently treat your painful plantar warts. There are many skin conditions that can come on without much warning, warts being one of them. Warts can often grow...
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Insoles in Owen Sound, Ontario


Our variety of insoles offers something for everyone. When you struggle to find shoes that fit properly or are constantly suffering from blisters, calluses or foot pain, you could benefit...
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Arch Support in The Blue Mountains, Ontario

Arch Support

Get the right support in all the right places with arch support solutions. Here at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic, we understand more than most the delicate balance of bones...
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