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Could Your Feet Be to Blame for Your Back Pain?
Dealing with back pain can be quite frustrating, especially when treatments and various attempts to alleviate the pain are not effective. All too often, pain management is employed without finding the actual cause of the back pain, which means a lifetime of pain medication instead of reaching a pain-free existence instead. One contributing factor that is often overlooked is something that begins far from the back – your feet.

One way in which your feet can be to blame is when proper footwear is not worn during aggressive activities. For example, jogging puts a shock on your feet with each foot strike. Most of this shock is absorbed by the feet, ankles, and legs. If your footwear is not designed to help with this situation, it can then proceed further and fatigue the spine, as it is then faced with absorbing the shocks. Over time, this can result in muscle spasms, swollen or ruptured disks, and misalignments, which result in back pain.

Another way feet can contribute to back pain is when the body is thrown out of proper alignment due to issues such as flat feet. The body tries to compensate, and the muscles controlling your pelvis and spine interfere with proper alignment. Using proper footwear and orthotics if you know you have a foot pronation or supination is the key to avoiding back issues.

Here at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic, we believe everyone should have their feet examined from time to time to determine if there is an issue that could result in back pain in the future. We can also help if you are currently experiencing back pain for which a foot condition could be to blame or is exacerbating the problem. Your feet work hard for you every day, so taking good care of them should be a vital part of your plan to stay healthy and pain-free. Let us help you have happy feet!