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Dr. Tony discusses relief from smelly feet.250,000 – that’s a pretty big number. It’s the number of taste buds that catfish have, the amount of pennies a Pittsburgh tattoo artist glued to his floor, and the number of individual sweat glands in each of your feet. That’s a total of 500,000 sweat glands producing over a pint of sweat per day!


If you feel singled out by your sweaty feet, don’t worry! Everyone’s feet produce sweat! You may be surprised to discover that it isn’t actually the sweat that gives off a bad odor. The sweat from your feet is absorbed by your shoes, which aren’t usually properly aired out. This breeds bacteria and fungi that exist to eliminate the sweat. This decomposed sweat lingering in your shoes is the reason for funky smelling feet.

No one has to live hiding their smelly feet in shoes and socks! There are a lot of things you can do to eliminate foot odor.

First, change your socks regularly – at least once a day.  Wipe sweaty feet clean with cotton wool dipped in surgical alcohol.  Also, bathe your feet daily, using lukewarm water and mild soap.  Avoid nylon and polyester socks – look for air-wicking acrylic fibers or clean cotton.  Next, check your feet for fungal infections.  Finally, don’t wear the same pair of shoes every day – they need at least a day to dry out!

If you have persistent sweating and odor, or would just like to learn more about keeping your feet smelling fresh all-year-round, give the Abbott Foot and Ankle Clinic a call at (705) 444-9929. Tony Abbott, our chiropodist, can help determine the cause of your chronic odor and give you the quick and understanding care you deserve!