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Custom orthoticsDiabetics are at risk for foot trauma due to loss of feeling in their feet.  The sensory abilities of the feet offer protection by signaling injury and pain.  Combine this loss with the decreased blood flow that also accompanies this disease, and it is easy to understand why the feet can be so badly damaged.  Ulcers, breaks, and infections of the skin are just some of the possible complications.  

Custom orthotics are important in managing diabetic foot issues.  In fact, the Canadian Orthopaedic Association published that a custom foot orthotic has been shown to decrease the recurrence of ulcers due to neuropathy by 57%.  What specific benefits do these inserts provide?

The primary benefits of custom orthotics are stability of the foot, shock absorption, correction of foot mechanics, and distributing pressure evenly across the foot.  Each of these issues can cause friction between the foot and the shoe, which can create a sore.  Even an innocent looking blister can quickly become infected when diabetes is involved, so protective measures for the feet are essential.  However, they must be coupled with properly fitting shoes in order to work, and they should always be worn. Learn tips on buying custom-made orthotics from our FREE Consumer’s Guide to Buying Custom Foot Orthotics.

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