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your back pain may have a lot more to do with your feet

Your feet and your back couldn’t be more different, or so it appears. On first glance, you can see that your feet and your back do not look the same. They are not the same size. They do not have the same function. However, you may be surprised at how well connected they are. In fact, your back pain may have a lot more to do with your feet than you may have realized.

When you are experiencing lower back pain, this may be the fault of your feet rather than your back. As you begin experiencing pain in your feet, your body will automatically try to relieve that pain. It will attempt to walk differently. This may (temporarily) relieve the pain in your feet, but this often causes muscles in your back to work harder and work differently. This leads to back pain.

Rather than shuffling pain around your body, tackle the root cause! You can take care of your feet, and you may also relieve your symptoms of back pain. How’s that for having something in common!

Another thing foot and back pain have in common is that these pains can be debilitating, but they do not have to be! Take steps to work with a chiropodist and you will see improved wellness and decreased pain in your feet and back.

Contact us today, and we can begin to improve your body’s function and lessen pain related to your feet. We are ready and willing to help you tackle your foot and back pain and come out on top!