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FootballThe Canadian Football League draft stirs up interest every year in May as teams with the early picks try to find the best players to fit their rosters. Some look for the standout stars, others for good, solid players who can fill a needed niche and avoid injury problems. Achilles tendonitis in athletes is one such common injury, and it is a problem for more than just the pros. In fact, slightly older athletes who only play on the weekends are often more prone to this problem than professional players who play or practice every day.

Why would that be? One reason these weekend warriors are more susceptible is merely aging. Often blood flow is not as good as you get older and your tissues cannot grow as strong if they are not getting proper nutrients.  Weak tissues are more prone to damage and damaged tissues become inflamed and painful.

Another reason is lack of conditioning. If you are warming up and stretching every day before you practice or play, your muscles and tendons stay supple, flexible, and able to function. Playing just on the weekends, even if you warm up beforehand, may mean your calf muscles are stiff and pull harder on the Achilles tendon. This can cause the tendon to stretch or develop tiny tears that cause the tissue to swell up and become painful.

Achilles tendonitis can also occur in younger players who do too much, too soon. Make sure your child works up to activity gradually so they don’t put extra stress on their lower limbs. Chiropodist Tony Abbott specializes in sports injuries and can give you proper training techniques and tips to prevent injury to tendons at the back of your ankle. Call today at (705) 444-9929 and head off tendon problems before they start.

Photo credit: John Kasawa via freedigitalphotos.net