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OrthoticsRunning has gone through many fads and phases.  From the style of running attire to the favored running shoe, there has been trial and error all along the way.  Today, you can go to your favorite sporting goods store and find numerous options in running gear.  With all that is available, you might be surprised to find out that shoes specific to the sport didn’t appear until the 1960’s.  Since then, companies have competed to provide the best running shoe.  However, the tide has turned once again, and many runners are trading their running shoe gear in for minimalist footwear.

Getting back to the basics, runners who opt for minimalist shoes such as the Vibram FiveFingers style, are trying to reap the benefits of barefoot running while providing some protection for the feet.  Barefoot running has produced sports stars such as Zola Budd, and some athletes are true followers of this form.  Having no protection between your feet and the running surface can lead to infection and injuries.  Minimalist shoes are the way to go if you are interested in exploring this trend.

For runners who have found foot pain relief through the use of custom orthotics, there are often questions about continuing their use with a minimalist style shoe.  If your goal is to run with as little on your feet as possible, then you may choose to leave the orthotic behind when you run.  The purpose of this medical device is to accommodate for faulty foot mechanics, and you can continue to use them no matter what types of shoes you wear.  Your feet are unique, discuss the best options for your feet when you visit our office.

As a runner, Chiropodist Tony Abbott understands the latest trends.  As a foot health professional, he knows how to keep your feet healthy and pain-free.  Whether you run in minimalist foot gear, or the newest running shoes, don’t let foot pain get in your way.  Make an appointment at our Collingwood, ON office today.  Call (705) 444-9929, or schedule an appointment online.