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Wearing ski boots can bring you a lot of joy AND a lot of discomfort. Stay on top of winter heel pain by addressing discomfort right away, so you don’t miss out on all that the Collingwood, ON area has to offer. For example, if you have $5 and a snowboard or skis, you’re in luck. Grab your lift ticket or season pass and head to Blue Mountain Village for the Badlands Park Series every Wednesday in February.

Many recreational skiers choose to suffer through discomfort thinking that it’s just part of the sport. In fact, foot pain is always a signal that something is wrong. Ignoring the signs and symptoms of heel pain can lead to chronic, ongoing conditions of the feet. So, what can you do?

Don’t settle for ill-fitting boots–grab your ski boots and visit our office. You may feel silly bringing your ski boots to an appointment, but it’s extremely helpful. There are numerous devices that can ensure a good fit including custom orthotics, heel lifts, and heel pads.

Understanding your arch type is a great place to start. The experts at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic understand that your foundation is the basis for feeling great during every activity. Trust us to help you get the best fit. Don’t be fooled by over-the-counter inserts–we can create a custom orthotic that will help keep your foot in place and promote proper weight distribution.

If your skiing and snowboarding fun has already been the source of winter heel pain, schedule an appointment today. The longer you wait to address that ache in your heel, the more difficult treatment may be. In fact, chronic pain can develop. Let Chiropodist Tony Abbott get you back on the slopes and free of pain. Call (705) 444-9929 or schedule an appointment online today!

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