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Do you ever think about your footsteps, and how much occurs inside your feet to make it possible for you to complete this simple action? People don’t usually think about their feet until something uncomfortable happens. When foot pain makes a single step unpleasant or challenging, your whole life is interrupted. Heel pain is one of the most common foot conditions people face. It can severely limit your mobility and keep you from enjoying your activities. Advances in foot therapies like laser treatment for heel pain, however, have helped foot specialists deal with stubborn hindfoot discomfort.

The Inciting Problem

Heel pain can have a variety of causes, but one of the most common issues is plantar fasciitis. This condition causes the band of connective tissue lining the sole of your foot to tighten and swell, pulling painfully on your heel bone. The more it pulls, the more the back of your foot hurts—and the problem only gets more uncomfortable and harder to treat with time.

Many options for treating acute heel pain do exist: icing, stretches, pain medication, and orthotics are some of the most common. For some people, however, these methods are simply not enough. Their uncomfortable heels keep them from doing what they love. Laser treatment for heel pain is a newer non-invasive remedy that can offer real relief to someone suffering from chronic plantar fasciitis.

The Advanced Solution

Laser Therapy
The laser uses low-level light therapy to stimulate natural cell growth and repair your feet. The laser is applied directly to the affected area for several minutes. The light is believed to encourage cellular metabolism and an increased immune response. This combats the inflammation in your heels, offering some relief. It also speeds up the healing process, restoring your feet to health more quickly than on their own. The treatment has no known side effects and can offer immediate relief. Usually this therapy is saved until other means of conservative treatment have been exhausted, however. Tony Abbott D.Ch. will work with you to determine if this route will help your condition, and how many treatments will be best for you.

Laser treatment for heel pain does not work for everyone—there are a few cases where it hasn’t made a significant difference in discomfort—but it has offered incredible relief for many people. What will work best for you depends on your individual feet. When other treatments have failed, laser therapy is an available option. It could be the difference between maintaining your mobility and independence and spending your days sitting.

Rather than cut out the activities you love completely to accommodate your painful heels, look into laser treatment for heel pain with Tony Abbott D.Ch. in Collingwood, Ontario. He can both monitor your condition and work with you to remedy your discomfort with the most up-to-date techniques and therapies. Don’t wait and allow your heel pain to worsen. See if laser therapy or any other conservative treatments will help. Contact the specialists at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic for an appointment or more information by calling (705) 444-9929 or by visiting the online contact page.