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What do a sprained ankle, a torn Achilles tendon, plantar fasciitis, and a broken toe have in common? They all occur in your feet and ankles, and they all hurt! Alleviating the pain in your feet and ankles is our goal at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic in Collingwood, and we use a variety of treatments—from simple home remedies to the latest high-tech laser therapies. Here’s one more thing these conditions have in common: they can all benefit from physiotherapy (PT).

What Exactly Is Physiotherapy?

Physical Therapy photo

Physiotherapy with Tony Abbott

This branch of medicine involves a registered physiotherapist working in partnership with you to relieve pain and increase function and mobility in your body. The therapy falls into two categories: passive and active. Think of it as having something done to your foot, or something your foot does itself. Passive therapy includes manual therapy, heat and ice packs, ultrasound, electric or magnetic stimulation, laser and many other therapies that are applied to your feet and ankles. Active therapy, on the other hand, includes things like stretches, strengthening exercises, and working on your balance—things you do with your feet to recover from an injury or surgery, or to better the condition of your foundation.

PT Helps Everyone from Athletes to Seniors

Participating in sports has many benefits, but every athlete runs the risk of injury as well. You can reduce the risk by using exercises to condition your ligaments and muscles to withstand the strain that sports activities put on your feet. Check out our video for simple leg and foot stretches you can do at home to increase flexibility and prevent injury. If you do injure yourself, physiotherapy can make your recovery time shorter. We also offer tips for seniors to help prevent falls—one of the major causes of injury in older adults. Our Fall Risk Assessment can help you understand how your gait, footwear, and conditions in your home can affect your likelihood of a fall. We can also show you exercises to strengthen your muscles and help you keep your balance.

Get Help without Drugs

Physiotherapy is a vital component of managing many foot conditions without drugs or surgery. At Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic we offer several therapies to heal your injury faster. These include Manual Foot Therapy, Gel Compression Sleeve and Laser. After assessing your condition, a treatment plan will be customized to your specific situation.

Chiropodist Tony Abbott is passionate about your feet, because they are the basis for most of your activity. To head off problems, or find help for those that already exist, contact our clinic in Collingwood, Ontario today by calling 705-444-9929. You can also browse our website for general information or to learn more about your specific condition. An appointment request form can be found under the “contact us” tab as well. We look forward to working with you to get your feet in great shape and enjoy your life without pain!