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With our custom orthotics, you can finally get relief from foot and ankle pain and live more happily in Owen Sound.

Orthotics in Owen Sound, Ontario
Did you know that your feet alone have 26 bones and 33 joints? It is no wonder that you might occasionally need to see a specialist if you have a foot or ankle injury or are suffering from chronic pain in your lower limbs. Here at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic, we don’t want anyone living in the area around Owen Sound, Ontario to suffer needlessly from lower limb pain. While we have many pain management solutions at our disposal, one of the most common and reliable solutions for pain is custom orthotics.

Here are some things you should know about custom orthotics:

  • They are specially designed foot supports that can be adjusted to suit your unique foot shape and structure.
  • They generally go inside your shoes.
  • They provide the arches of your feet with extra support and stability, preventing injury and minimizing pain.
  • They cannot correct flat arches, but they can improve the function of your feet and reduce the chances that you will get an injury.

When you give us a call and come to our clinic, we will be looking for signs that orthotics may help you. We may ask to see a pair of your shoes to look at how they wear. Uneven wearing can be a sign that your body is not aligned and orthotics can help. Heel pain or other foot pain can often be alleviated with the right orthotics. To learn more about orthotics or to schedule your first appointment, give us a call today.

At Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic, we create custom orthotics for residents of Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Owen Sound, Stayner, Meaford, Thornbury, Creemore, The Blue Mountains, and surrounding areas in Ontario.

Writing Verified By Tony Abbott D.Ch., Registered Chiropodist



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