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Our laser treatment for plantar warts is effective and non-invasive.

At Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic, one of the more common foot problems we see in children and young adults is plantar warts. They are so common that most people will experience them at least once in their lifetime. If you spend a fair amount of time in public locker rooms, at public swimming pools, or in other moist environments, you have the potential for picking up the virus that causes plantar warts.

Plantar Warts in Owen Sound, Ontario

This is not to say that you will definitely get them if you are exposed as not everyone is particularly susceptible to plantar warts, and you also need an open area for the virus to enter. Since children often spend more time barefoot, they can get cuts and scratches that make it possible for the virus to find an entry point. The first sign of plantar warts is a hard lump. Sometimes it will go away on its own, but if it doesn’t and begins to be painful to walk on, treatment will be needed.

In some cases, the over-the-counter products you find at Owen Sound, Ontario area pharmacies and stores can resolve the problem. However, most of the time, they aren’t strong enough to effectively remove the plantar warts. If you’ve been unable to resolve your plantar warts, it is time to contact us. In the past, plantar warts were removed using a scalpel, but that is no longer necessary. Laser treatment is a non-invasive option that doesn’t pose the infection risks a surgical procedure could.

If you would like to know more about our treatment for plantar warts or you would like to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

At Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic,  we treat plantar warts to residents of Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Owen Sound, Stayner, Meaford, Thornbury, Creemore, The Blue Mountains, and surrounding areas in Ontario.

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