Are calluses protecting you?

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Callouses are thickened skin patches that form as a result of pressure or friction against the foot. These are very common in runners; I know I’m susceptible to them as a runner myself. As callouses become bigger in size they can cause more pressure and become painful. The best treatment for small callouses is to use a mild abrasive like a pumice stone to slowly work down the callous. Of course if the callous is large or painful, a visit to your local foot specialist is the way to go. He or she will make sure to treat and remove the callous properly. In the meantime, if you have callouses and they aren’t bothering you, don’t worry about them. They are there to protect your feet and are just doing their job. Along with the use of a pumice stone, you can also apply some foot cream to stop them from overgrowing and cracking. Make sure your shoes fit properly, avoid cotton socks that bunch up and wear socks that wick away moisture and if necessary invest in a pair of sports orthotics.