Why does my heel hurt in the morning?

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The usual culprit when your heel hurts in the morning is a condition called plantar fasciitis, which is a thickening and inflammation in the ligament under your foot. This tissue band connecting your heel and toe bones helps form the arch. It lengthens and shortens as you walk to keep the correct tension in the arch and help put that “spring” in your step.

Over time, the plantar fascia can be damaged from aging of the tissue and overuse or trauma that causes tears in the fibers. When you sleep (or sit for long periods of time), the ligament contracts, so as you first put your weight on it again, the tight tissue pulls against the bone, causing pain under your heel. That’s why a proper stretching regime is often helpful in keeping the pain at bay.

There are a few other reasons for morning heel pain, including Achilles tendonitis and arthritis, so have Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic in Collingwood, ON, check out your heel pain to find out exactly what is causing it and how to treat it. Call us at (705) 444-9929, or request an appointment online.