How do I know if I need Orthotics?

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First you need to have an examination by a Chiropodist. Your examination should begin with a review of your medical history. This will include your symptoms, previous injuries, footwear, occupation, and the sporting activities you participate in. Next, there should be a hands-on biomechanical evaluation of the lower limbs, including foot structure, alignment, strength, range of motion, soft-tissue damage, as well as the identification of any abnormalities. This will be followed by a gait analysis, where you will be observed standing, then walking, to identify abnormalities or compensations occurring through your legs. For example, you may favour one leg due to a tight muscle, a painful joint or a previous injury. From this combined information, a diagnosis can be made and a management plan developed for you. Also it is imperative that your custom foot orthotics are prescribed by a chiropodist, podiatrist or a physician who has specific training in this field.