What is the RICE method?

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When you have a foot or leg injury, first aid advice often lists the RICE method. This is an acronym for four different treatments that all aim for the same result—to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation.

R is for Rest. This means resting from the activity you were doing that caused pain—not taking a nap! It often involves not putting weight on an injured limb or not subjecting it to the usual pressure from day to day activities.

I is for Ice. Applying an ice pack to the injured area (with a cloth between to protect your skin), soaking in icy cold water, or applying cold compresses can help numb pain and reduce swelling.

C is for Compression. You wrap the swollen area with an elastic wrap to keep the tissues from swelling farther.

E is for Elevation. Lifting your foot above your heart level when sitting or lying down keeps blood and fluid from collecting around the injury.

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