Can I run with bunions?

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Running with bunions is tough, because the repeated motion of your foot—especially if you overpronate—actually contributes to the problem during the push-off phase of your stride by putting extra pressure on the big toe.

If you don’t have pain, you may be able to keep running, but it would be a good idea to come in for a gait analysis to see if custom orthotics could help distribute your weight better and keep the foot from rolling in so far. These inserts that go right in your shoes have helped many people keep running in spite of their bunions.

If your toe and joint hurt when you run, you need to rest and ice them until they heal. When you are ready to start jogging again, we can show you how to place a toe separator between your first and second toe and tape it to the great toe to keep the toe straighter during your run. We can also show you a couple of exercises—like the big-toe adductor or toe extensor—to keep stiffness and soreness away. Just call Collingwood, Ontario’s foot and running expert—Chiropodist Tony Abbott—at (705) 444-9929 for an appointment.