What are Shin Splints?

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What causes shin splints?One of the most common injuries in runners, young and old, is shin splints. Shin splints are that awful pain and sometimes swelling that occurs in the front of your lower leg, right along your tibia (shin bone). Shin splints are caused by physical activity, most commonly running. There are lots of factors that contribute to shin splints, like running on uneven surfaces or increased starting and stopping. Flat feet can also be a contributing factor because it makes the muscles pull harder. Custom orthotics can help raise the arch and properly support the foot, stabilizing the biomechanical control and ultimately reducing the pull on the muscle. Shin splints can be very painful. If you’re a victim of shin splints, you should make sure you have the proper support in your athletic shoes and consider making an appointment with our office to review your situation and an appropriate treatment.