Are there stretches to ease my heel pain?

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Not only can heel pain stretches ease your discomfort from plantar fasciitis, done regularly they can keep it from coming back. Focus on those for tight calf muscles, and those that loosen up the tissues in your feet.

First, face a wall, hands on it at chest level and feet 12 inches away. Move one foot farther back, keeping the knee straight. Keep both feet flat on the floor as you lean forward until you feel a gentle stretch in the back leg’s calf muscle, hold 10 sec, and relax. Repeat 3 times, then switch legs. You can also sit on the floor with legs extended and use a towel to gently pull your feet back toward your shins.

Other stretches can be done sitting down. Try bunching a towel under your feet using just your toes. Cross one leg over the other and gently pull back the toes with your hand, or loop a towel around both arches, extend your legs and pull gently toward you.

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