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3 Signs You Need to Visit an Ankle Clinic Today

At Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic, we believe no one should have to live with ankle or foot pain. In addition to the discomfort of experiencing pain, there are real dangers of waiting too long to visit an ankle clinic to properly assess your condition. You condition could take a turn for the worse, and what may have been a simple assessment and treatment today could result in months of pain and rehabilitation.

If you’re experiencing any of these three signs, call us at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic today:

  • You’re Limping. Limping is never normal and the longer you wait, the worse you could make your injury. Whether you’ve injured yourself, or if your pain is caused by a condition like plantar fasciitis, it’s important to seek out professional care as soon as possible to prevent this issue from causing other issues, like lower back and foot pain.
  • You’ve Sprained Your Ankle . . . Again. Are you finding that you sprain your ankle quite regularly? With regular ankle sprains, you could be at risk for progressive ankle instability if you don’t seek out the proper rehabilitation immediately after you injure yourself.
  • You’re Experiencing Chronic Pain. While you may be used to pain in your feet and ankles, chronic pain is usually a symptom of a bigger condition that should be addressed by a professional. Some people wait months or even years hiding their pain before seeking treatment for conditions. As some foot and ankle conditions are degenerative, this means that it will become progressively worse if left untreated.

When it comes to your mobility and the health of your ankles and feet, don’t wait to seek professional attention in the Collingwood, Ontario area. Call us today at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic to schedule your assessment.