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Are worn-out orthotics negatively impacting you more than you realize? The lifespan of your custom orthotics averages between one to three years, but it ultimately depends on how often you use them, their current condition, and the type of orthotic.

Our foot clinic in Collingwood may be able to repair them to like-new condition for you. This March, trade your old orthotics in at our clinic during our Arch Madness special!

Five signs you need new orthotics:

1) Your foot, ankle and back pain has returned, especially while standing, walking and running. As you know, imbalances originating in the feet can create further imbalances in our legs, hips and back. You shouldn’t be learning to live with pain, and we’re here to help get you back on your feet quickly!

2) Inspect the soles of your shoes. Are there areas where the tread is worn out significantly? This is a telltale sign that your orthotics no longer support your feet the way they used to.

3) Your orthotics look worn out, are cracked or have thinned. Different materials are used to create a specific function in your orthotics and they vary in how long they last.

4) Lifestyle changes: pregnancy, aging, weight gain, hip or knee surgery can impact the shape of your foot. You may need new orthotics to accommodate these changes.

5) You’re developing corns and calluses, which is a sign that your feet are creating friction and rubbing abnormally within your shoes. This could be due to mechanical issues with your feet. Custom orthotics help to correct imbalances and offload pressure from affected areas.

Go green and give your old orthotics new life. Bring your pair to Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic, and we may be able to make them look like new* again!

*Orthotics will be assessed in person at the clinic.

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