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RunnersAvid runners don’t let a little thing like the weather stop them, especially if they are gearing up for the regional St Patrick’s Day races in Ontario. There are six common foot injuries that can bring your workouts to a halt, though.  Be aware of the following problems that could keep you out of the big race:

  • Plantar fasciitis, which affects the strong ligament under your foot that helps support your arch. If it weakens or becomes inflamed, pain under your heel or arch can make your first steps of the day and the end steps of your run full of pain.
  • Blisters, which form because of friction from your shoes. They can be small and disappear on their own, or huge, fluid-filled skin bubbles that hurt every time they are bumped.
  • Stress fractures happen when tired muscles allow the force of repetitive foot strikes to be transferred to your foot bones, causing tiny cracks and fissures in them. Don’t think that “small” means “unimportant.” These need to be treated to avoid weakness or a full break.
  • Extensor tendonitis causes pain in the tendons that run from your calf muscles, over the top of the foot, to the toes. They can be damaged by ill-fitting shoes—or even a pair that is laced too tightly—that rub against the tendons and cause inflammation.
  • The adductor and abductor hallucis—muscles that pull your big toe from side to side—can be painful if they are too tight or stretched too far. They can move your big toe out of position, forming a bunion, or cause pain near your heel.
  • Frostbite, which is a problem when below zero temps freeze the skin and tissues of your feet and toes. If not treated properly, it can lead to serious infections and even amputation.

The list is not exhaustive; other common injuries in runners include Achilles tendon issues, ankle sprains, shin splints, pulled muscles, knee issues, and more. When you experience foot, ankle or leg pain from running, come to the expert. Call Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic in Collingwood, ON, at (705) 444-9929 to request an appointment. Helping runners is one of our specialties!

Image Credit: Stuart Miles via FreeDigitalPhotos.net