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There are many things you should and shouldn’t do if you suffer with diabetes. Exercise and eating well are main components of keeping your sugar levels stable. However, your feet are just as important to keep healthy if you have any type of diabetes, since there is less blood flow circulation that reaches them. Here are some manageable tips to make sure your feet stay in the best shape:

  1. Wear shoes as much as possible!
    When you have diabetes, there are many things that can go unnoticed when it comes to your feet such as stepping on tiny pieces on the floor that can be dangerous or painful. To avoid this, wear shoes and socks around the house – never go barefoot.
  2. Don’t wear anything tight around your legs.
    The slightest pinch or sense of tightness from either a pair of socks or tights can cause lack of blood flow to your feet. Avoid wearing knee high socks or any type of legwear that has tight elastic.
  3. Don’t expose your feet to extreme warm or cool weather conditions.
    Because of the lack of nerves in the diabetic foot, deciphering hot or cool temperatures becomes difficult. This lack of feeling can cause major foot damage. Be careful to not walk on very hot pavement or apply ice to your feet.
  4. Don’t cut callouses yourself!
    You put yourself in extreme danger for infection if you cut your foot callouses yourself. If you have callous that is causing you pain or discomfort, please call our office to schedule an appointment to have it safely and professionally removed.
  5. Don’t use non-prescribed foot supports.
    You may run the risk of foot pain when wearing over the counter shoe inserts that aren’t properly shaped to your foot. Call our office for more information on medically proven over the counter insoles options or custom orthotics.
  6. Quit smoking!
    Smoking causes an even greater lack of circulation to your feet. Not smoking will help prevent this from happening.
  7. Don’t over drink!
    If you drink excessively, it causes more nerve damage to your feet making it more difficult to sense injury or other problems.
  8. Avoid crossing your legs.
    When crossing your legs while sitting or lying down, this decreases the blood flow throughout your legs and feet.

These are just a few tips that can help you care for your feet. For more information, please contact our office.


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