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Have you noticed a small lump in the arch of your foot that is firm and almost knot-like? Has it created discomfort while wearing shoes or standing barefoot? These are telling symptoms of a foot condition called plantar fibroma.  A plantar fibroma is when a benign tumor grows embedded into the plantar fascia band of tissue, in the arch of the foot.

How do plantar fibromas develop? The cause of the benign growth is uncertain.  However, most people who experience plantar fibromas have at least one of the following in common:

  • Caucasian males
  • Diabetes
  • Family history of the condition
  • Overuse of the feet
  • Trauma or puncture wound of the foot
  • Medications

How are fibromas treated? Once a plantar fibroma is diagnosed, Chiropodist Tony Abbott will prescribe the best form of treatment depending on the size and location of the fibroma, and whether or not pain is experienced. If the tumor is rather small and causing minimal pain, treatments will be used with the goal of decreasing direct pressure on the fibroma such as:

If your fibroma condition is more severe, invasive treatments are available.  Treatments include cortisone injections, or surgery to remove the mass completely.

Is there any way to prevent a plantar fibroma from developing? Since the cause of the condition is unknown, prevention isn’t attainable.  However, awareness of the symptoms and seeking medical attention right away can help prevent the tumor from becoming worse. Other recommendations to keep your feet in healthy condition in order to reduce your risk for such conditions include:

It’s important that you maintain your foot health by being aware of conditions that may affect you. If you have been noticing plantar fibroma symptoms, or would like more information about the condition, please contact our office to set up an appointment with Tony. Let him help you with the proper form of treatment for your foot condition!

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