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Ankle ClinicWe don’t really think about our ankles very much until we are stopped short due to a problem. Most of the time, we just think “my feet hurt” or “I have knee pain.” In reality, our ankles are just as important for our daily activities as our feet and legs, and you may not realize that your ankles can also sustain injuries. If you’ve been experiencing foot or knee concerns, visiting an ankle clinic may help you get down to the heart of the matter.

When you visit a foot and ankle clinic, your doctor is going to address a number of potential problems related to ankle injuries. Some of these include tendonitis, fractures and sprains, arthritis, and possible lesions. Because your ankle is the hub for connective tissue, it is important that all of the working parts are in good shape because it will affect the way you walk, run, jog, and stand during many of your routine activities. At our foot and ankle clinic, you can expect Dr. Abbott to address your concerns from a “whole foot” angle, including determining whether problems with your ankles are the root of your other pains. Ankle injuries can be pretty painful, as any athlete who has had a tear or fracture can tell you. The most important thing is to avoid putting off treatment until the pain is so unbearable you cannot function.

At Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic, we are committed to providing the necessary treatments and resources for your foot, ankle, knee, and back pain, so you can live an active, fully-functional lifestyle. You never have to settle for “it’s always been that way” when you could have an experience that leaves you saying “I’ve never felt this good!” Contact us today if you are experiencing discomfort in your ankles, feet, knees, or back, and we’ll work to provide comprehensive and individualized treatments for you. We look forward to working with you!