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Arch PainMost people think that the worst pain in the world is stubbing your toe, but that pales in comparison to severe arch pain. Sometimes arch pain is simply annoying, but other times it can be downright debilitating. When that happens, you can feel like life is going to pass you by as you sit on the bench unable to participate in the things you love.

There are many things that can contribute to arch pain. Your feet take a lot of abuse, and the arches of your feet are tasked with absorbing the stress of most of it. Whether you are taking a mild stroll through the park or running a marathon, each step puts pressure on the arch of your foot. Overuse, excessive activity, poor footwear (particularly high heels), and carrying too much weight can all lead to arch pain.

Dealing with arch pain involves determining the cause, alleviating the pain and providing proper support for your arches. Whether your arch pain is intermittent, chronic or incapacitating, taking the proper steps will get you back on your feet (no pun intended). You do not have to suffer with arch pain and sit on the bench. Seek professional help!

At Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic, in Collingwood, ON, we can help you overcome arch pain by ascertaining the cause of your pain and then offering solid advice for resolving the problem. Some of the things that help the majority of people are to maintain a healthy weight and consider proper footwear, including good support for exercise and reducing the amount of time you wear high heels. We recognize that not everyone has arch pain for the same reasons, however, so we endeavour to resolve what is causing yours and go from there to customize a treatment plan for you.