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The 2013 Collingwood, Ontario Elvis Festival is just days away. The official countdown is clicking down each second as competitors from around the world prepare their performances. As the weather gets warmer, friends and family gather to attend local festivals and events. Whether you’re standing and listening to your favorite Elvis impersonator, or walking through an outdoor art show, foot pain may follow. Don’t let your summer fun be spoiled by common foot conditions.

Summer sandy feetAvoiding pain in the feet and ankles starts with proper foot care at home. Trim your toenails straight across, which will reduce your chances of developing an ingrown toenail. Proper hygiene and wearing flip-flops in public locker rooms and pool areas will protect you from fungal and bacterial infections.

Next, choose your shoes carefully.  At the next event that you attend, do a little feet watching. How many people do you see wearing flip-flops or flimsy sandals? Summer is a time to shed layers, but not the support and cushion that your feet need to stay pain-free. With so many options available, choose shoes that provide both comfort and style. It is possible! Also, select footwear that is appropriate for the activity that you are participating in that day.

Fit is also extremely important. Shoes that are too small will leave you with blisters, and sometimes a more serious condition such as a compressed nerve. Corns are also common. If you haven’t had your feet measured in a while, take time to find out whether or not your size has changed.

Enjoy the warmth of a summer day, and all of the fun that comes along with it. If foot pain has you staying at home, call the office of Chiropodist Tony Abbott today. Summer is too short to spend it in discomfort. Help is here at our Collingwood, ON office. Schedule online, or call (705) 444-9929.

Photo Credit: Friedhelm Brandenburg via FreeDigitalPhotos.net