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Women have done some bizarre things to their bodies in the name of fashion. Think about it – corsets, dyes, and even surgeries. Feet are not immune to the statement “beauty is pain.” In fact, feet and toes take one of the biggest beatings that the fashion industry has to give: pointy-toed heels.

As the heels get higher, so does the amount of women with devastating foot injuries (some with permanent foot damage). High heels not only put women at risk for sprained ankles, but are also at risk for muscle strains from the bottom of the foot all the way to the spine and neck. When wearing heels, more and more pressure is placed on the bottom of the foot. This abnormal amount of pressure will lead to bunions, callouses, and hammertoes.

As if the height of the heel wasn’t bad enough, a lot of shoe designers today are making shoes that have extremely pointed toes. By attempting to fit their feet into these designs, women are placing the future health of their feet in jeopardy. Pushing the big toe in towards the second toe will most likely end in a painful bunion that may require surgery to correct it. Hammertoes are formed when toes are put into shoes that don’t have enough room to lay flat. Aside from bone deformities in the foot, unsightly calluses and painful blisters are common among delicate feet that are put into unnatural positions.

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