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Care for your children's feetEvery parent knows that as their child grows and develops, so do their feet.  This is evidenced by the rapid rate that children outgrow their shoes!  When that happens, you know to buy new shoes.  However, what should you do when your child complains of foot pain or discomfort?

Some common pediatric foot conditions include warts and athlete’s foot.  Children are active, and not always concerned with wearing shoes in public areas like swimming pools and locker rooms.  In these places, they can contract the virus that causes warts and/or the fungus that causes athlete’s foot.

Neither condition is serious, but both can be uncomfortable and contagious.  Encourage your child to wear sandals in these areas and keep their feet as fry as possible (change those sweaty socks!).  Both of these common foot conditions can be stubborn, so visiting your chiropodist is helpful in the treatment and containment of these issues.

Another possible side effect of an active lifestyle—foot odor!  Letting your children’s shoes dry out completely may help with this unpleasantness, and putting powder on the soles of the feet can also detour smells caused by damp, sweaty feet and socks.  Washing the feet thoroughly is also an important part of foot care along with trimming the toenails.  Always cut toenails straight across to avoid the pain of an ingrown toenail.

Parents are sometimes concerned about the mechanics and structure of their child’s feet.  Many think that their child might be flat-footed, or that there might be evidence of turning, or crookedness.  It is always wise to consult your chiropodist about these issues.  The feet, like other parts of the body, develop over time.  Your foot care specialist can tell you what is developmentally appropriate, and give recommendations about treatment if it is needed.  He can also give you tips on the best footwear choices for kids.

Don’t let concerns over your child’s foot health keep you up at night. Call the office of Chiropodist Tony Abbott today, and get the information that you need for peace of mind.  You can schedule an appointment at Abbott Foot and Ankle Clinic by calling (705) 444-9929, or online.