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What is Causing Your Ankle Pain and How an Ankle Clinic Can Help
It is common to pass off a bit of ankle pain as probably just a sprain that will resolve itself before long. However, the ankle is a very complex structure, and there are numerous conditions which could be causing the pain you are experiencing. Even if you are certain you have just sprained your ankle, it is important to go to an ankle clinic to have it treated.

There are three types of ankle sprains: inversion or lateral ligament sprain, eversion or medial sprain, and high ankle sprain. Each type is graded by severity, as well. Our ankle clinic will diagnose the type of sprain and its severity before suggesting a treatment course. We will also discuss ways you can prevent a future sprained ankle, such as using orthotics and wearing proper footwear.

Not taking care of an ankle sprain properly can result in improper healing, which can cause complications, such as ankle instability. It is also important to have it checked because it could be actually broken, which requires a different treatment plan.

Your ankle pain can also be from another cause, such as ankle impingement, peroneal tendonitis, arthritis (osteoarthritis, posttraumatic or septic arthritis), osteochondritis dissecans, swelling, or clubfoot. An ankle clinic is the best option for getting to the cause of your pain and offering a treatment plan to reduce or eliminate the pain.

Don’t suffer from ankle pain when you can give us a call at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic. Our ankle clinic can help you if you have been dealing with chronic ankle pain or something that has just happened. Foot and ankle pain is never normal, so when you have a problem, it needs to be addressed. Count on us to get you back in the game again.