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According to the Childhood Obesity Foundation, over thirty percent of Canadian children and youth are considered to be obese.  Unfortunately, most children who are obese remain at an unhealthy weight into adulthood.  Numerous studies have documented the resulting health issues which include diabetes.

One cause of childhood obesity is lack of physical activity.  It is important to note that foot health can play a significant role in this issue.  If a child is suffering from foot pain, physical activity may be severely inhibited.  Addressing foot and ankle discomfort is a great first step in the battle against childhood obesity.

Sever’s Disease is one condition that affects children during early puberty when quick growth is taking place.  Debilitating heel pain can result, and a noticeable limp may be the result.  Flat feet that are rigid can be another cause of pain.  Even something as simple as shoes that don’t fit may reduce interest in running, jumping, and playing.  Reduction in activity can lead to weight gain, and begin a cycle of obesity that is difficult to escape.

Once a child is overweight, the feet are negatively impacted.  The extra weight and pressure can lead to plantar fasciitis among other foot conditions.  Losing weight through exercise becomes even more difficult due to the pain felt with every step.  Water exercise may be the best choice during periods when the feet need rest.

Has your child complained of pain in the feet or ankles?  Act quickly to learn the cause of the pain, and to reduce the risk of childhood obesity. Schedule online, or  call the office of Chiropodist Tony Abbott today at (705) 444-9929.  The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Abbott Foot and Ankle Clinic look forward to serving you.