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Child“Ouch, that hurts!”  Childhood aches and pains are part of the growing up process.  As a parent, you may wonder what’s normal, and whether or not medical intervention is necessary.  Especially if heel pain seems to come and go. For instance, you might not hear any complaints while your child is watching Despicable Me 2, but groaning may abound during a soccer game.  While this seems suspicious, it is typical of a common pediatric foot condition.  Watch for signs such as limping and decreased activity; never ignore foot or ankle pain.

Heel pain is a complaint of many young athletes whose growth plates have not completely fused.  The discomfort worsens during activity, but will often feel better with rest.  This condition, known as Sever’s Disease, occurs when stress from high-impact activities irritates the heel during this growth phase. The age of your child is a significant clue in the diagnosis of this condition as it occurs in highly active youth between the ages of nine to thirteen years old. 

If you suspect Sever’s disease is the cause of your child’s heel pain, contact Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic today.  There are several options to address pain while your child is going through this growth process.  Icing and stretching the calf muscles are two methods.  Resting the heel is crucial, but also difficult for an active child.  Try switching to activities that will give the heels a break.  Swimming, rollerblading, and cycling are three great alternatives to running.  Also, check your child’s shoes.  Cleats can be hard on the feet.  Adding support for the arches and heels often alleviates discomfort. 

Chiropodist Tony Abbott and his staff understand the concerns that parents face.  We’re here to answer any questions that you may have, and to ensure the health of your child’s feet.  Call our Collingwood, ON office today at (705) 444-9929, or request an appointment online.

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