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Walking ShoesAs I watched Rafael Nadal defeat our Canadian hopeful Milos Raonic at the Rogers Cup, I could not help but notice the intense stress placed upon the feet of these elite athletes.

Tennis itself one of those sports that just about anyone can participate in and get a solid aerobic workout.  Young kids to seniors can challenge their peers on the courts.

It is critical to take some precautions to prevent foot and ankle injuries while playing tennis.  There are a lot of sudden starts and stops, running and pounding that occurs throughout the match.  The proper shoes will help to prevent injuries.  You MUST wear shoes that are specifically designed for tennis.

With all the technology today, athletic shoes have become very specialized for their intended sporting activity.  Tennis is no different.  The shoes should have a strong heel counter to support your feet during the side to side motions as you chase the ball.  They should be snug fitting around the heel but roomy in the forefoot.  Tennis shoes often have extra cushioning under the ball of your feet.  Running shoes should be avoided as these tend to have larger knobs on the bottom, thus having too much traction.  And definitely avoid wearing flip flops!  Your chance of foot injury and ankle sprains increases dramatically when wearing flip flops.

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