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SnowboardingWinter has had us in his icy grip with below zero temps and snow blowing in off Georgian Bay. Time to get out your snowshoes, ice skates, and skis and be ready to take advantage of the first sunny day with some outdoor activity. One thing all winter sports activities have in common is the stress they can put on your ankles and feet, and if you have tarsal coalition, you might have to miss out on some of the winter fun (no snowshoeing across the suspension bridge at Blue Mountain, or skating on Mill Pond).

Some quick facts about this condition:

  • It’s a joining of two bones in the back of your foot with fibers, cartilage, or extra bone.
  • It is often hereditary, but symptoms don’t show up until adolescence when bones harden—or may never show up at all.
  • It can cause problems like pain, stiffness, flat feet, pronation issues, and arthritis.
  • Yes, it can often be treated noninvasively without surgery.

If you feel pain in your foot just in front of or below your ankle, you might have tarsal coalition. It is worth a visit to our office to have us diagnose it with a physical examination and an X-ray or CT scan. We can determine the extent and location of the problem and provide conservative treatments to eliminate your pain and get you back in action again.

Some remedies we may suggest include resting from high-impact activity for a few weeks, medications, orthotics to correct gait problems, a cast or walking boot to immobilize the bones, or steroid injections for pain relief. We may also recommend massage, physical therapy, range-of-motion exercises, and ultrasound therapy to relieve your symptoms. As you can see, there are many avenues of treatment before ever having to consider correcting the condition surgically.

Give Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic in Collingwood, Ontario, a call at (705) 444-9929 to set up an appointment and find out what’s going on with your tired, achy feet. With our knowledge of foot and leg issues and our expert care, we’ll be able to find an answer for you.

Photo Credit: franky242 via FreeDigitalPhotos.net