What are Common Heel Pain Causes?

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Heel pain is common for people who run or walk a lot or are active in other ways, especially if you do not make sure to rest up, stretch, or wear good shoes in the first place. One of the common heel pain causes (one way that feet will let you know they are unhappy with your footwear or care routine is through pain caused by inflammation) is plantar fasciitis. Heel pain is common for those who are active or anyone who may not yet take the selection of their footwear or orthotics seriously enough.

variety of heel pain causes through custom orthotics

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation in the tendon that runs under the foot. One way to determine if plantar fasciitis is one of your heel pain causes is if the pain bothering you is worst in the morning when you first get up for the day. Pain can also be caused by improper bone alignment when you stand – especially in this era of cookie-cutter shoe designs. Your feet could also be in pain due to poor circulation. We can help with a variety of heel pain causes through custom orthotics.

Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic takes making custom orthotics from good to great. We make precise 3-D imaging of your static foot (not while standing or in use) and customize the orthotic to support your exact foot structure with all its unique curves, dips, etc. We also offer a special guide to help you with this process. We aim to get your out of pain and back onto the path of your choice – whatever your speed.