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Chiropodist Tony Abbott scanning for OrthoticsWould you call a plumber to fix your electricity?  Of course not!  In fact, the result could be quite dangerous.  Yet, each day individuals in Ontario are entrusting their feet to orthotics made by people who have no training or expertise in foot health.  It’s another dangerous combination.

Did you know that in Ontario there are no regulations regarding the making OR fitting of foot orthotics?  This can lead to continued and worsened pain for the patient.  Plus, you may have to pay for the entire bill if your insurance doesn’t recognize the person or company that issued the orthotic.  So, more pain, for a longer time, and a huge bill to boot!

Remember that in Ontario only Chiropodists, Orthotists, Podiatrists, and Pedorthists are qualified to provide orthotics.  Chiropodists, Physicians, and Podiatrists can prescribe them.  People with these titles are under the authority of professional organizations, which means that they accountable for following the established rules and regulations for their area of service.

Custom orthotics can be a great, non-invasive treatment for many conditions of the foot and ankle.  However, many people fall for “too good to be true deals” that leave them frustrated and in pain.  Foot orthotics—done the right way—can correct issues of mechanics and redistribute weight across the foot.  Don’t let a bad experience with orthotics keep you from experiencing foot pain relief.

Have you been sold orthotics that hurt your feet, and left them in worse shape than when you started?  Call the office of Chiropodist Tony Abbott today at (705) 444-9929, and learn about the relief that you can experience from quality, custom orthotics.  You can also schedule an appointment online, and click here to receive a FREE Consumer’s Guide about purchasing custom foot orthotics today.