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Eating healthy is a requirement if you have diabetes. Fortunately diabetics are not limited to a small variety of foods, they have options! Learning to eat balanced meals in the correct portions is crucial. Did you know diabetic approved meals are also advantageous to your feet? Healthy bodies equal healthy feet!

It’s very common for diabetics to develop foot problems. These could include diabetic peripheral neuropathy, skin changes, callouses, foot ulcers, poor circulation and even amputation. There are a variety of treatments for these, but not many people think about what they’re putting in their bodies as a solution.

Foods such as sugar, sweets, white flour, saturated fat in red meat, junk food and baked goods are not recommended for diabetics or anyone who wants a strong body or feet. These foods increase chemicals that cause inflammation of the tissue in your feet. Not only that, but they cause blood sugar to rise rapidly. That’s a serious issue for diabetics. Replace these foods with omega-3 fats. Salmon and fish oil are great sources because they’re rich in omega-3, which will help reduce inflammation. They’re also delicious!

Peripheral artery disease is also a real concern for diabetics. The best way to prevent this is a diet low in saturated fat, trans fat and sodium to decrease your risk or effectively control the disease. Eat more fruits and green vegetables as well! In summary, make sure your diet is rich in beans, veggies, whole grains, fruit and lean meats.

If you have any additional questions about diabetes, nutrition or your feet contact our office to set up an appointment with Chiropodist Tony Abbott.

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