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Fight diabetic problems with safe exercise
Exercise is extremely important for people with diabetes.  Regulating blood sugar levels, maintaining a healthy weight, and reducing the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease are just a few benefits.  For some, physical activity results in the freedom to manage their diabetes through lifestyle modifications instead of medications.
Concerns can arise when deciding whether or not to begin an exercise routine.  Normal activity puts stress on our feet, and diabetic foot care is critical.  The increased impact of traditional activities such as aerobics or running can cause blisters, calluses, and other common foot conditions that are normally not a problem.  However, for someone striving to control their blood sugar levels, all foot issues are of importance.  Even a small blister left unattended can result in a severe infection.  It is very important to contact your chiropodist prior to beginning any new physical activity.
Fortunately, there are great options for many who have diabetes.  While high impact aerobics are not a good choice, water aerobics are a fun alternative.  Walking and swimming are also activities that are usually safe.  Lifting weights and other strength training workouts are effective in weight management, and do not require extra stress on the feet.
Whatever activity you choose, make sure to wear the proper footwear.  The shoes you select should be supportive and provide shock absorption.  Don’t wear sweaty socks for long periods of time, because this can promote athlete’s foot.  Remember to monitor your blood sugar levels closely, and perform daily self-exams of your feet.
If you have been considering an exercise routine, today is the day!  Don’t let diabetic foot concerns keep you from better health.  Call for an appointment with Chiropodist Tony Abbott, and get a full assessment of your current foot health.  The friendly staff at Abbott Foot and Ankle Clinic can be reached at (705) 44-9929 or through our website. 

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