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diabetes meterTaking care of your body is not a new suggestion to live a healthy life. However, if you are diagnosed with diabetes, a healthy lifestyle takes on a whole new meaning of relevance and importance. Managing your diabetes is a lifestyle adjustment that requires a planned diet and regular exercise in order to regulate your blood sugar levels. Although diet and exercise are huge factors that can help contribute to diabetes management, foot care is another way in which you can achieve diabetes health benefits and prevent diabetic foot complications such as ulcers, infection and amputation from occurring.

How can you avoid these foot related complications? Fortunately, foot care tips are simple to incorporate into your daily health routine. Tony Abbott recommends following these foot care tips to maintain your foot health.

  • Inspect your feet daily. It’s important to check out your feet for any abnormalities such as cuts, sores, skin colour changes, or toenail thickening or discoloration. These may be warning signs for a more severe foot problem so it’s critical to become aware of any changes.
  • Wear thick and soft socks. Thick socks will help increase blood circulation by keeping your feet warm. Avoid socks with seams that can decrease circulation or rub and cause blisters or other skin injuries.
  • Exercise. Engaging in exercise as simple as walking can help manage your weight and improve your foot circulation.
  • Wear properly fitted shoes. Be sure to have your feet measured often and your shoes fitted properly to prevent blisters, foot pain and other problems from occurring.
  • Never go barefoot. Wear shoes as much as possible in order to decrease your risk of developing cuts and infection.
  • Never try to remove callouses, corns or warts by yourself. Removing such foot problems with over-the-counter products can cause irreplaceable damage to the foot and can burn your skin.
  • Contact our office to set up an appointment with chiropodist Tony Abbott. Regular checkups by a chiropodist are the best way to ensure that your feet remain healthy.

Don’t let diabetic foot complications keep you off your feet. Let us help you achieve diabetes management through maintaining your foot health, Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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