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Custom Orthotics

Do your feet hurt after a long day at work? While you may be tempted to stop off at a store and purchase generic insoles for your shoes, custom orthotics will give you superior relief from foot discomfort. Custom orthotics are medical devices that are specifically created for your unique feet. They provide relief from foot pain while supporting your feet during long working hours.

Getting custom orthotics takes longer than buying generic insoles, but the process is worth it in the end:

  • Exam: Your exam will start with a conversation about your foot concerns. What are your symptoms? Do you know of any injuries? What kind of footwear do you typically wear? What is your occupation?
  • Medical history: Your medical history is important because it helps create a whole picture of your current medical condition and concerns. Previous injuries to your lower limbs are especially important.
  • Hands-on evaluation: Your foot structure and alignment will be closely examined, and x-rays will be taken. Soft tissue, foot strength, and range of motion will be evaluated.
  • Gait analysis: You will be asked to stand and walk while your gait is analyzed for abnormalities.
  • Foot impression: The weight-bearing foot impression is one of the most important steps as it allows us to create truly custom orthotics that fit your anatomy and needs perfectly.

Your custom orthotics may be made with a variety of materials, depending on your unique needs. Once completed, they should be able to be used in multiple pairs of shoes. These medical devices have several benefits, including reduced fatigue, enhanced muscle performance and controlling the mechanical instability of your feet.