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Gait analysisGait analysis is not a recent development in the world of running.  From Jesse Owens to Jessica Zelinka to Usain Bolt—the “fastest man in the world”—today, great runners have always had help in analyzing their way of running, in order to optimize their speed and technique. In recent years, though, the concept has been co-opted by the shoe industry to increase shoe sales, and the results are not always ideal.

You may have gone to a shoe store yourself and had a sales person watch while you ran on a treadmill and then suggest the best shoes for you. While the idea might have some merit, and the salesman may sound professional, this type of gait analysis can be misleading. For one thing, the treadmill test is done in your current shoes, so you only know how your foot behaves in those shoes. For another, the salesman may have knowledge about running, but they haven’t had years of medical training to understand how the bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles in your feet work together with every step.

When you come to Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic, Chiropodist Tony Abbott will analyze your feet—not just your shoe style. We specialize in promoting good foot health for runners. We will do a thorough analysis of your feet while you stand, walk, and run, looking for any problems with pronation or foot abnormalities that could end up causing you pain. With our expert knowledge of foot mechanics, our gait analysis will show us if orthotics, exercises, or stretches could head off problems—and what style of shoes might be best as well.

Trust your feet to the experts. Call our office in Collingwood, ON at 705-444-9929 today and set up a consultation. Whether you run for your health or in competition, we can help you reach your top form.