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Arch PainYour arches are one of the most important parts of your feet because they stabilize your body when you walk, run, or stand. They also absorb stress and help your body adapt to uneven or sloping surfaces. If arch pain is getting in the way of your everyday life, here are a few ways to find some relief:

  • Strengthen your muscles–To reduce arch pain, work on strengthening and stretching your Achilles tendon and tibialis posterior on a regular basis. Both of these muscles have a large influence on your pronation and any pain you experience in the arch of your feet.
  • Wear comfortable shoes–One of the best ways to reduce arch pain, and any sort of foot pain, is to make wearing comfortable shoes a priority. You should also make sure the shoes you wear support the activity you are doing, whether you are working, jogging, or going out at night, and that your arch is always fully supported.
  • Try orthotics–Orthotics can stabilize your heel, support your arch, and ease some of the stress put on your posterior tibialis tendon. If you are interested in orthotics, our office would be more than happy to customize a pair for your feet.
  • Use cold therapy—Cold therapy can work wonders if you struggle with arch pain. Try using massagers, wraps, and other forms of cold therapy whenever you experience discomfort.